The Story

About 10 years ago my daughters asked me if we could put a picnic table in the back yard. So to make them happy I started to look around to find a good quality picnic table. What I discovered was there was no such thing. All the tables I found were too small, tipped over and looked like they would fall apart after a year. I told my girls that I was sorry but I couldn’t find one worth buying. They both looked at me like I was crazy and said "Nooo daddy can you build us one?" They were right I didn’t need a kit table, I’ll make my own. So I sat down with a pencil and paper and 10 minutes later I came up with my design. Long and wide. Easy to get into and just as easy to get out of. I made sure my design didn’t have any supports down low where you could hit your shins. I made it out of 4x4’s with tight dado cuts so it won’t shake. Heavy and durable. Three weeks later my girls gave me gift cards for father’s day. I went out picked up some wood and a few hours later my any length, non-tipping picnic table was born. And now every spring I offer it for sale.


Each one of my tables are handmade and made to order. I use the finest BC lumber possible to ensure durability and quality. All table legs and bases come with my 5 year warranty from defects. Each of my tables are hand cut. All pieces are matched for a snug fit. Tables are made in Surrey in my shop and assembled on site. Which will take about 10 minutes.


But it doesn’t stop there. Being someone that loves to build I also offer a fully customized service. That means I can build any table you want, made out of any material. Plus benches, planter boxes and dog houses. You name it I can build it. I will meet you or your designers to come up with any design you want. And I’ll do that for free. No order is too big or too small. And now I offer my great tables for rent.  Perfect for your wedding or special occasion, even TV and movie sets. All tables Include delivery and set up.



James J Mills

The Crew

The Install

Did you buy a kit?

Here is how to build it. 

Delivery and Installation

Installation takes about 15 mins per table. I don't need help or anyone home as long as I have easy access. Installation within 50 feet of the delivery truck. I can not deliver in the rain. If you received a delivery notice but its raining the day of your delivery will have to be scheduled. 

Pick Up is Free. Please contact for timing

Delivery West Vancouver to Langley $75

All other areas please contact for cost

Payment Options

All tables are paid in advance. Once you make payment your table order will be placed and delivery date will be finalized. Early season turn around time is usually 5-7 days, peak season 10-14 days. That being said sometimes it could be as quick as a few days. 

Please send Interac payment too.


Warehouse / Manufacturing / Showroom 

Showroom By Appointment Only

Unit 13- 8456 129A Street
Surrey BC V3W 1A2