The Yaletown
Non-Tipping SPF Picnic Table
Made with 4x4 supports, 2x10 Table Top and Seat
non-tipping wheelchair-friendly picnic table


Beautiful modern design, super comfortable to sit at.  Easy to get in and out of. Perfect for the elderly and ladies in skirts. No need to step over the seat to sit down because you can walk in from the side. The key to my non-tip picnic table is the supports. I designed my table so the weight is distributed to the very outside edges of the table, making it impossible to tip over. 


Made with Pressure Treated 4x4s and SPF 2x10s. The 4x4 supports are Dato jointed together so it will not shake. The supports are screwed together with sixty-four 3" deck screws. The table top and seat is attached to the supports with another forty 3" deck screws. And because I use a standard 3" deck screws, if your table top or seat ever gets damaged you can simply unscrew the broken board and replace it with a new one. I hand pick the lumber I use on each table and match the color and grain patterns. Making every table one of a kind. All tables are hand made and hand fit so each joint is snug.





Come visit us at our shop in South Surrey. By appointment only. That way we can make sure we are there and have a sample of the table your looking for.  

Bay #2 16726 40th Ave Surrey BC 

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Designed By a Canadian, Built By a Canadian, Using Canadian materials. 

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