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Our  warehouse is moving. And we don't want to move everything sale

2017-04-22 16.06.22.jpg

We have Five 6-Foot Chiefs finished in natural stain up for grabs. Made with Western Red Cedar 2x10s and 4x4s. Our most popular table. Reg price $800 on sale for $500. If you pick up and pay cash we will pay the Tax


Cedar kids table Reg  price is $400 on sale $200 one only


4-Foot Yaletown finished in Black-walnut. This is a sample table that was sitting out front of our shop Reg  price is $450 on sale $250 

4-Foot non-tipping  Picnic Table made with Cedar  table top and seat & Pressure treated legs Reg  price is $500 on sale $250 one only  One only

6-Foot Rental Cruiser Table (8).jpg

6-Foot ex-rental Cruiser Table finished in Black-walnut. 70" L x 28" W  x  36" H Reg  price is $700 on sale $400 


6-Foot non-tipping  Ex-rental Yaletown Picnic Table made with SPF table top and seat & Pressure treated legs  finished in Black walnut Reg  price is $500 on sale $250 one only  


12-Foot ex-Rental Yaletown finished in Black-walnut.  Reg  price is $900 on sale $550 


6-Foot Summerland finished in Black-walnut. Customer didn't pick up this table so its yours at a discount.  Reg  price is $650 on sale $500 


6-Foot Rental Okanogan Table finished in Black-walnut.  Reg  price is $650 on sale $350 

Tools, office supplies art and more tables coming soon. Everything is sold as is first come first serve

Dinning Tables

The Summerland Long Table Espresso

Six-foot Summerland Long Table  Finished In Espresso. 70" long by 36"Wide by 30" high. Hand made Canadian Design. Made with 4x4 construction and 2x10 table top.  All of our tables are had made in Surrey and can be customized to fit your needs.  Six to Sixteen feet long available.  This one is ready for pick up. First come first serve.  $1000 plus tax



We are almost fully booked for the remainder of the summer season. Please contact us with your event date, tables required and event delivery address before booking on Square. Delivery includes set up the day before the event and pick up the day after. Four Table minimum. Less then 4 tables can be ordered for pick up or $200 delivery set up fee. If you have any question please feel free to email or call. 

Non-Tipping Picnic Tables, Bars, Cruiser Tables, Umbrellas, Ice Chests, Games & Kids Picnic Tables

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6-Foot Rental Cruiser Table (1).jpg
Rental Ice chest 5.jpg
6-Foot Rental Yaletown (23).jpg

The Worlds Greatest Picnic Table. 





Black Walnut

6-Foot Rental Yaletown (4).jpg

Non-Tipping Any Length Picnic Tables

Beautiful modern design, super comfortable to sit at. Easy to get in and out of. Perfect for the elderly and ladies in skirts. No need to step over the seat to sit down because you can walk in from the side. The key to my non-tip picnic table is the supports. I designed my table, so the weight is distributed to the very outside edges of the table, making it impossible to tip over. Made with the highest quality Canadian 4x4s and 2x10s. The 4x4 supports are Dato jointed together so it will not shake. The supports are screwed together with sixty-four 3" deck screws. The tabletop and seat is attached to the supports with another forty 3" deck screws. And because I use a standard 3" deck screws if your tabletop or seat ever gets damaged you can simply unscrew the broken board and replace it with a new one. I hand pick the lumber I use on each table, match the color, and grain patterns. Making every table one of a kind. All tables are hand made and hand fit, so each joint is snug. 

Four-Foot $400, Six-Foot $500, Eight-Foot $575, Ten-Foot $850, Twelve-Foot $900, Fourteen-Foot $1200, Sixteen-Foot $1300

The Last Picnic Table You Will Buy, The First You Will Actually Use!

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Delivery is $75 from West Vancouver to Langley. 7 to 10 days turnaround time. All other areas please contact for cost and turnaround time.

Pick up is free and your order can be ready in as little as 24hours. 

You can view the tables at our warehouse in Surrey. Please let us know which table you want to see. So, we can make sure we have one on hand.  


Indoor & Outdoor Dining Tables

Below is a 16-Foot Western Red Cedar Summerland finished in Natural Stain

The Harvest Table. 

Outdoor Dinning Table

The Harvest Table is big and beefy rustic table and is the most popular outdoor dining table we make. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Made of SPF/HF 4x4s and 2x10s. Measures 38” wide 30” High and 6-feet to 16-Foot lengths. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.   

2017-05-20 09.16.15.jpg
1 Summerland (6).jpg

Six-Foot $600, Eight-Foot $800, Ten-Foot $1000, Twelve-Foot $1350, Fourteen-Foot $1550, Sixteen-Foot $1750






Serving Restaurants, Breweries, Cities and Film Industry since 2012


The Great Canadian Bench

Made with WRC 4x4 Supports and 2x6 or 2x8 seats. Will be stained to match your table. Prices start at $150

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20200519_101813 - Copy.jpg

Custom Colours


Custom Styles

Because each table is handmade, we can make any of our tables accessible. By simply moving the legs in and creating an overhang. 

Accessible 2.jpg

Kids Tables