The Last Picnic Table You Will Buy, The First You Will Actually Use!

Some of our latest deliveries

14-Foot Summerland

38" Naramata

8-Foot Rustic Cedar Bar

6-Foot Yaletown

6-Foot Yaletown White one whitewash

City of White Rock


The name was inspired by one of my first deliveries. I was in Squamish and had just finished an install. When i stepped back to take a picture all you could see was this big beautiful cedar picnic table. surrounded by the Chief rock face. 

The Kits

Beautiful modern design, super comfortable to sit at.  Easy to get in and out of. Perfect for the elderly and ladies in skirts. No need to step over the seat to sit down because you can walk in from the side. The Kits Non-Tipping SPF/Cedar Picnic Table 
Made with Pressure Treated 4x4 supports, WRC 2x10 Table Top and Seat

The table that started it all. Made with pressure treated 4x4 supports. SPF (White Wood) 2x10 table top and seats. 

The Yaletown

The Valley

Made with pressure treated 4x4 supports. SPF (White Wood) 2x6 table top, and 2x10 seats. 

All Finished tables include delivery, sanding, rounded corners and stained any colour you like. 

Deck/Patio Tables

Deck and Patio tables are made to order. That means your in full control. I can adjust any measurement to your specific colour, length, width or height. Fully customizable to suit your needs. Just like the table below. Beaumont Timber Co. Ltd. wanted a bigger beefier table for a rental property. We ended up with a 12-foot 47" wide Summerland. With four 7-foot matching benches. What a beauty. Turned out awesome. Please feel free to call, text of email me for your free consultation. Satisfaction guaranteed.