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Stain Colors

Clear Oil

This stain looks the best. Really brings out the natural grains of the Cedar. However it will silver over time. No UV Protection. You will need to sand and restain every year. 

Natural Cedar 


This stain has more Pigment giving you long lasting colour. It will highlight the grains by adding a little more red pigment. The most poplar colour for the Chief

Spice Rack


Another great colour option. Spice Rack stain will give you UV protection and will pop out on your deck. 

White wash white base

White frames White was top. White wash look

White on white 


White on white Solid colour. 



Beautiful colour. Red tone

Charcoal Black

Beautiful dark charcoal colour. You will still be able to see redish grain patterns in the wood. But will be subtle. Looks really sharp. The black does mark easy but wipes clean with a wet towel. Also absorbs the sun and may cause some cracks and splitting. 

Black Walnut


It says black But its really a dark Brown. One of my favorites. 

Please note. Cedar comes in lots of different shades and colours.  This may affect the final colour of your items. The pictures above are some samples. I do my best to match but there may be some differences. The Valley, Yaletown and Kits have pressure treated legs. They don’t get painted or stained. The pressure treat will make the paint bubble and chip off. Only the chief can be stained or painted . 


One of the most popular colours. Its a smoky Grey

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